Sunset Non-Rebreather O2 Mask


The mask is latex-free and offers a soft, anatomical form to maximize patient comfort.

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Endure Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Masks are designed for patient comfort with a soft anatomical form and deliver a high concentration of oxygen.

  • The reservoir bag assures oxygen supply to meet varying breathing patterns and tidal volumes.
  • The elastic head strap and the adjustable nose clip helps to keep the mask in place and secure the correct fit.
  • The transparent PVC mask enables clear visualization of the patient.

Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with 7ft. Safety Tubing and Reservoir Bag


  • 10+ LPM
  • Available in Adult (RES2102) and Pediatric (RES2202) sizes
  • Low-resistance check valves prevent rebreathing and allow exhaled gas to escape
  • Clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort
  • Adjustable nose clip for secure seal


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SKU: Adult Size res2102 | res2103 Pediatric Size | This product is available
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