ResMed Swift FX – CPAP Pillow Mask w/Headgear


Flexible tubing for freedom of movement; Soft fleece wrapped headgear for more comfort.


Extra-Soft Headgear Design

  • In contrast to other headgear designs, the easy-adjust silicone headgear was created with a very comfortable material and soft fit.
  • The threaded connection at the top of the helmet must be used for your modifications in order to tailor the headgear to meet your head shape.
  • You can easily make all the adjustments you might need.

Nasal Pillows, Soft & Secure

  • Air can enter the nostrils directly thanks to the nasal pillows’ contouring of the nose.
  • You can sleep well and with fewer air leaks because to the secure fit this creates.
  • These dependable and flexible cushions work well even in high-pressure conditions.
  • You can choose a nasal pillow from three sizes based on your level of comfort.
  • You won’t ever wake up to a noisy CPAP mask because to the unique venting, which makes CPAP therapy quieter all night.

– Never use a nasal cushion that is broken or worn out as this could make your therapy less effective.

– There are replacements available in each of the three sizes. You should swap out your nasal pillows every 90 days or so.

Capability of Movement

  • The flexible short tubing that moves during the night as you do is ideal for active sleepers.
  • No matter how you sleep, the ResMed Swift FX’s 360-degree rotation ensures that your tube is safe.

Therapy While Awake utilizing CPAP

  • The ResMed Swift FX’s sleek design functions while you are awake as well.
  • While you read or watch TV, wear your CPAP.
  • Enjoy a wide range of view so you may begin your CPAP therapy before going to bed.
  • The style is also perfect whether you wear glasses or have a mustache or beard. It’s the ideal fit and doesn’t call for giving anything up.

Cleaning ResMed Swift™ FX CPAP Mask At Home

  • The headgear and mask should be carefully hand-washed in warm water (about 30 °C) with a mild soap.
  • Rinse each component thoroughly with clean water, then let it air dry away from the sun.


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