ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask Cushion Seal


The facial oil that builds up on the silicone, will break down the consistency of the cushion over a period of time and lead to mask leak.


The ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask Cushion Seal is a medical device designed for individuals with sleep apnea or other breathing disorders that require continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. It is a cushion seal that fits over the nose and mouth to provide a seal for the CPAP machine to deliver air pressure to the airway.


  • The AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask Cushion Seal is designed for comfort, with a cushioned seal that fits snugly but not too tightly, reducing discomfort and leaks.
  • The compact design of the mask minimizes facial contact, reducing the risk of pressure points, red marks, or skin irritation.
  • The magnetic clips on the headgear allow for easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the mask, making it easier to use.
  • The mask is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and reducing the feeling of being weighed down by the mask.
  • The mask also features quiet air diffusion, which reduces noise and prevents the air from disturbing a bed partner.


  • It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper fitting and cleaning of the mask.
  • The mask should be replaced every 6 months or as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.
  • Patients with specific medical conditions or concerns should consult with their healthcare provider before using the AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask Cushion Seal.

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