Deluxe Knee Scooter


The adjustable steering tiller provides optimum mobility and control when on the go. When resting, the parking brake system can lock the wheels in place.

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The Deluxe Knee Scooter – the ultimate mobility solution for anyone with lower leg injuries or surgeries.

  • This innovative device offers a safe, comfortable, and efficient way to navigate your daily routine while keeping your injured leg elevated and supported.
  • With its sturdy frame and adjustable seat and handlebars, the Deluxe Knee Scooter provides a stable and customizable platform for your injured leg.
  • The large wheels and hand-operated brakes ensure smooth and safe movement on any surface, while the spacious basket lets you carry your belongings with ease.
  • Using the Deluxe Knee Scooter is easy and intuitive.
  • Simply adjust the seat and handlebars to your desired height, place your injured leg on the padded cushion, and use your other foot to push the scooter forward.
  • The hand brakes let you control your speed and stop smoothly, while the steering mechanism allows for agile and precise turns.
  • Whether you’re recovering from a foot or ankle surgery, a sprained ankle, or a broken leg, the Deluxe Knee Scooter is the perfect tool to help you get back on your feet faster. It provides a comfortable and convenient alternative to crutches or wheelchairs and allows you to maintain your active lifestyle while you heal.
  • Don’t let your injury slow you down – get the Deluxe Knee Scooter today and experience the freedom and mobility you deserve.


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