BelleMa Breast Pumps – Single


It’s a great investment for any breastfeeding journey and can make a world of difference in your experience as a new mother.


Product: BelleMa Breast Pumps – Single

  • Is a fantastic product designed to make the breastfeeding journey easier and more comfortable for mothers.
  • This electric breast pump is perfect for those who need to express milk quickly and efficiently, thanks to its powerful suction and adjustable settings.


  • Include its easy-to-use design, compact and lightweight structure, and its ability to simulate a baby’s natural feeding rhythm.
  • This breast pump also comes with a closed system, ensuring hygiene and safety, and is made with high-quality, BPA-free materials.
  • Using BelleMa Breast Pumps – Single is a breeze! Simply attach the breast shield to your breast, adjust the suction and speed settings to your comfort level, and let the pump do the rest.
  • You can also easily control the pump using the LCD screen and button controls.


  • 2-phase pumping: stimulation & expression
  • 9 adjustable vacuum power up Lightweight and portable can be powered by 4 x AA batteries.
  • soft silicone cushion for gentle comfortable pumping Closed system anti-backflow.
  • LCD screen display provides real-time status, memory feature remembers preferred settings FDA approved, all parts are BPA free, one-year limited warranty.


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